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MEHAT Schedule — 2022-23

Thank you to all participants and presenters for an excellent year of MEHAT gatherings. Here is a brief overview of our events during the past year:

Winter 2023:

  • 1/5 – Student coordinator led discussion of A Culture of Ambiguity: An Alternative History of Islam by Thomas Bauer
  • 1/13 – Burning Books in Ottoman Lands w/ Prof. Hakan Karateke (UChicago NELC)
  • 1/20 – An Analysis of Ottoman Poetry w/ Darragh Winkelman (UChicago Linguistics)
  • 1/27 – MEHAT Lunchtime Chat w/ Prof. Dana Sajdi (Boston College)
  • 2/10 – The Complicated History of the Turkic Word Qımız w/ Dr. Helga Anetshofer (UChicago NELC)
  • 3/3 – The Aramaic Origin of a Syntactic Construction in Levantine and Iraqi Arabic w/ Sami Jiries (UChicago NELC & Linguistics)

Spring 2023:

  • 3/27 – MEHAT Coffee w/ Prof. Judith Pfeiffer (University of Bonn) and Prof. Evrim Binbaş (University of Bonn)
  • 3/30 – Empires of the Steppe: Russian, Ottoman, Persian and Chinese Empires in Comparative Perspective w/ Prof. Michael Khodarkovsky (Loyola University Chicago History)
  • 4/06 – The Role of Word-Level Stress in the Khutbas of Ali Ibn Abi Talib w/ Darragh Winkelman (UChicago Linguistics)
  • 4/13 – The Origins of an Ottoman Bourgeois Social Reformer: Recontextualizing Mustafa Suphi’s Early Thought w/ Theo Knights (UChicago NELC)
  • 4/20 – Reconstructing Early Islamic Texts Through Excavating Later Texts w/ Prof. Ahmed El Shamsy (UChicago NELC)
  • 5/04 – Developing the Hafsa Archive: Evaluating the History and Continuity of Palestinian Oral Tradition w/ Marah Abdel Jaber (UChicago CMES MA)
  • 5/11 – The Banū Hilāl Myth and Statecraft in the Maghrib w/ Sabrina Amrane (UChicago CMES MA)
  • 5/18 – Teaching the Ottoman ‘Middle Period(s)’: Historiographic, Methodological, and Pedagogical Challenges w/ Arlen Wiesenthal (UChicago NELC)
  • 5/25 – The Lives and Journeys of a Sufi in Ottoman and Mamluk Lands w/ Dr. Mustafa Kaya (UChicago CMES Preceptor)
  • 5/26 – Lunch Discussion of the "Sultan's Syllabus" Debate w/ Prof. Tunç Şen (Columbia University)